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Balancing Your HVAC Air Flow

If you have noticed that the temperature of your home varies from room to room, even though you have a heating and/or air conditioning system in place, you may need to balance your HVAC air flow. If your HVAC system’s air flow is unbalanced, you will experience uneven heating and cooling. You can help eliminate this problem by following a few, simple steps to a balanced system. Not only will your system heat and cool your home evenly, it will operate more efficiently – which can result in savings on your energy costs.

1.    Determine where the largest temperature variances occur. Walk from room to room and take note of the temperature. Just by living in a home for awhile, you’ll quickly learn where the cold rooms are, and where the warm rooms are in different seasons. Start balancing the air flow in the areas with the largest variances.

2.    Check the air registers of each room. Make sure the vents of the air registers that allow air into the room are open. In many cases of unbalanced HVAC air flow, the homeowner is unaware that the vents are closed.

3.    Check the return air registers. Make sure they are free of obstruction, such as drapery and furniture. You want the return registers to be obstruction-free so they can pull the proper amount of air back into the HVAC system.

4.    Consider partially closing the vents in smaller rooms to allow more air to flow into larger rooms. For instance, if your office maintains a proper temperature, but the bedroom beside it does not, you can close the office vent halfway to help direct more air into the bedroom.

5.    Check your HVAC system for balancing dampers. These dampers are located in various areas of your duct work and control the amount of air from the main system. If your HVAC system does not have any balancing dampers, talk to an HVAC professional about having manual dampers installed.

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