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An Introduction To Indoor Air Cleaners

Remember the “brown cloud”? Ever think about the affects of a “red air quality” day?

All of these make you think twice about the air you breathe. Yet what about the air you breathe in most of the time – sometimes all day long?

Keeping the air inside of your home free from pollutants is important. Indoor air pollutants include particulate matter, such as dust, pollen, smoke, bacteria, mold and animal dander. They also include gaseous pollutants, such as vehicle exhaust and fumes from paint, pesticides and cleaning products.

All of these pollutants can pose a health risk – indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental health risks. The best way to address this potential hazard is to ensure that your home has proper ventilation and eliminates the pollutants. To get rid of indoor air pollutants, you may need an indoor air cleaner. Continue reading →

What Does A MERV Rating On An Air Filter Mean?

When you have to replace the air filter on your home’s air conditioning unit, you have probably noticed a MERV rating. MERV stands for the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, a numerical value given to filters in order to identify its filtering abilities. The rating includes a number from 1 to 16. While you may have noticed this number, you might not know what the number means.

A MERV rating lets you know how well the air filter removes dust from the air that comes through the filter. Basically, it rates the efficiency of the filter at removing dust. We all know that clean, dust-free air is better for our overall health. So, having this type of rating on air filters lets you choose the filter that will work best for your home and unit. Continue reading →

Are You Using The Right HVAC Commercial Air Filter?

Is the air you breathe in your commercial building as clean as it should be?

Chances are, it may not.

Most commercial buildings are using the wrong air filter. Relying on a fly by night service contractor, or even finding one yourself as an owner, cost is primarily the top concern. So the obvious choice ends up being inexpensive, throw away filters. The problem with this choice is they aren’t living up to their promises.

The air filter is your only line of defense to the air quality you breathe in each day. A throw away filter only catches around 10 percent of the dirt and bacteria that comes its way. Which means you are breathing in the other 90 percent of the impurities.

Air filters are also designed to protect the evaporator coil and blowers on your equipment, and the duct work that runs throughout your building. If the coils get blocked, the unit will not be able to blow out all of the heat, making the unit less efficient and using more energy. Continue reading →

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