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Balancing Your HVAC Air Flow

If you have noticed that the temperature of your home varies from room to room, even though you have a heating and/or air conditioning system in place, you may need to balance your HVAC air flow. If your HVAC system’s air flow is unbalanced, you will experience uneven heating and cooling. You can help eliminate this problem by following a few, simple steps to a balanced system. Not only will your system heat and cool your home evenly, it will operate more efficiently – which can result in savings on your energy costs.

1.    Determine where the largest temperature variances occur. Walk from room to room and take note of the temperature. Just by living in a home for awhile, you’ll quickly learn where the cold rooms are, and where the warm rooms are in different seasons. Start balancing the air flow in the areas with the largest variances.
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3 Strategies To Improve The Comfort And Air Quality Of Your Home

Home comfort and your indoor air quality go hand in hand. If you know you and your family are breathing in safe, clean air, you will enjoy being home just a bit more. Yet with everything we bring into our home – air pollution, chemicals, dirt and dust – it can sometimes feel like a challenge.

In many cases you can do things today that have an immediate affect on your home. Give these 3 strategies a try.

Control you indoor air pollution

Your home was created to run efficiently – in most cases. Yet as time strolls by, many of those measures either become obsolete, or simply don’t work the way they use to. What seemed to be in perfect working condition six months ago may now give you problems.

Because of these reasons and more, its good to have a cleaning system in place. It starts with normal everyday cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and controlling the bacteria and other problem areas inside and out. And then it goes even deeper. You have a smoke detector in place; how about a carbon monoxide detector or a radon detector? Each are designed to let you know if and when there is a problem.

Ensure proper ventilation

Your home was designed with an effective ventilation system. But over time, things can change. Outside landscaping can always be a big problem area. Especially when fall leaves, grass and other dead materials accumulate with winter conditions and begin to build up by the side of your home. Make sure all vents are clear of debris.

An HVAC expert can also determine that your inside ventilation is in top working order. Again, age can play havoc on a lot of things. If cracks, leaks and other aging begins to occur, you could be in danger as gases and other pollutants find their way into your home.

Use quality products

You may have your favorite cleaning products you’ve been using for years. But are they really the best for your home and family? The more we learn about harsh chemicals, the more we are beginning to rely on safer alternatives. If you haven’t comparison shopped in a while, now is the time.

Also pay attention to air filters and other materials you use in your home. Don’t grab the cheapest one you can find. Instead, focus on getting quality products that will not only make your air more breathable, it will also help keep your HVAC equipment cleaner and working stronger well into the future.

Have more questions? Give us a call. We’re happy to inspect your equipment and give you tips on how to make your home more energy efficient. 720-999-7369

Are You Using The Right HVAC Commercial Air Filter?

Is the air you breathe in your commercial building as clean as it should be?

Chances are, it may not.

Most commercial buildings are using the wrong air filter. Relying on a fly by night service contractor, or even finding one yourself as an owner, cost is primarily the top concern. So the obvious choice ends up being inexpensive, throw away filters. The problem with this choice is they aren’t living up to their promises.

The air filter is your only line of defense to the air quality you breathe in each day. A throw away filter only catches around 10 percent of the dirt and bacteria that comes its way. Which means you are breathing in the other 90 percent of the impurities.

Air filters are also designed to protect the evaporator coil and blowers on your equipment, and the duct work that runs throughout your building. If the coils get blocked, the unit will not be able to blow out all of the heat, making the unit less efficient and using more energy. Continue reading →

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