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Your Duct Work May Have Health And Safety Issues

The HVAC system in your home keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is an essential appliance – without it, you would be left to deal with the heat and cold on your own. Since your HVAC system is such an important part of your home, you must keep it maintained. If you fail to have your entire HVAC system inspected and maintained on a regular schedule, you could run into problems. One of these problems includes your duct work.

The duct work of your HVAC system may present health and safety issues. The duct work of your HVAC system carries the heated or cooled air to the various rooms of your home. When the duct work is in need of repair, it can lead to health and safety hazards. For instance, leaking duct work can expose you and your loved ones to deadly carbon monoxide. Continue reading →

Why Air Sealing and Ventilation Can Improve Your Homes Efficiency

How old is your home? If its more than 5 to 10 years old, there are probably major air leaks within the build. Older homes can be extremely leaky, which means the warm air from your furnace and the cold air from your air conditioner may be doing more than creating a comfortable temperature in your home.

Air sealing is often one of the most cost effective ways to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Air sealing should be evaluated and done by a professional as you do need ventilation to make sure the air isn’t too stagnant and provides good air quality for your daily life.

In order to determine how much your home leaks air, a heating contractor will first perform an in home energy audit. A blower test is one of the most common tools energy auditors use to figure out where a home’s air leaks are. The blower door test depressurizes your home by inserting a door with a built in fan that will blow air out your entryway. As the air inside your home is pushed out through the front door, air from outside of your home will begin seeping in through the cracks. Continue reading →

Why Leaky Air Ducts May Be The Source Of Your Air Conditioner Inefficiency

The air ducts of your central heat/air system are essential to the efficiency of your system. You can have the latest heat/air technology installed in your home, with the highest efficiency ratings and all of the bells and whistles – but if your air ducts leak, you may as well have an old, used system. Leaky air ducts can lead to higher energy costs and plain, old discomfort.

Since the ducts of your system are not visible for an inspection, it can be tough to determine if you have leaks. There are some signs to look for that signal possible leaks in your air ducts.

Your utility bills may start rising, becoming more expensive than usual. Leaky air ducts are losing some of the cooled air that flows through the ducts. So, if your ducts leak, you are paying for cooling costs that you may not even feel in your home. Continue reading →

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