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How Often Should You Clean And Inspect Your Furnace?

As with most questions, there is a simple answer and a more complex answer to this question.

Based upon experts’ suggestions, the simple answer is that a furnace should be cleaned and inspected once every two years.  These are general guidelines based on the average home.

Which means the more complex answer is based on a variety of nuances.

Do you have pets?  Pets can wreak havoc on your furnace.  Pet dander and hair floats on the air and can quickly clog up a furnace.  If you have a pet (or multiple pets) you should consider getting your furnace cleaned more frequently than every other year.

How many people live in your home?  The more people living in your home the more dead skin cells and dust mites you will have floating around in the air.  Probably not something you wish to think of, I know, but true.  The more people you have living in your home, the more often you should get your furnace inspected.

How old are the people in your home?  If you have children or elderly family members living with you, you might want to consider more frequent cleanings as these age categories are often more sensitive to poor air quality.

Do you have allergies or asthma?  If you have allergies, asthma, or any related health issue, cleaning your furnace can mean breathing in cleaner air.  High quality air filters and a high efficiency furnace can both help you filter out the particles that exist within every home. Continue reading →

Why Furnace Maintenance Should Be a Part of Your Yearly Routine

Every year you perform regular maintenance all throughout your home. Cleaning the windows. Blowing out the sprinkler system.

Yet do you include furnace maintenance on your list of to-do’s?

A furnace is something that we tend to take for granted. It works when we need it and we pay little attention to it until it doesn’t.

In reality, your furnace and AC system is the backbone of your home. With vents from the furnace to every corner of your home, it is the one system that controls the temperature and the air quality of your home whether you think about it or not.

Yet if its not working properly many things can happen.  Without regular servicing, your furnace can end up doing things such as: Continue reading →

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