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Understanding Your Home’s Heating And Cooling Systems

Ahhh, isn’t it nice coming home to a comfortable home after a long day on the job?

In the summer, stepping from your warm car to your cool home is refreshing. And feeling the warmth when you rush in from a snow storm in the winter makes you instantly happy to be home.

Yet while you probably love your home for a variety of reasons, you probably don’t give much thought to the main system that keeps your home comfy – your heating and cooling system.

Your heating and cooling system – HVAC system – isn’t just the units themselves. The entire system is intricately run throughout every room in your home. Continue reading →

The Hazards of Heating Your Home

Heat for your home is a necessity. The warmth feels especially good on a bitter cold morning … or even a cool spring day filled with rain and clouds.

Advances in heating technology have made it much easier to heat your home. While you can always opt for wood-burning stoves and fireplaces for heat, you can also utilize the convenience of furnaces and space heaters to keep your home toasty and warm.

Yet even with all of these advances, heating your home can still be a hazard. Continue reading →

Understanding High Efficiency Boilers

If you are trying to understand what makes a high efficient boiler efficient, you should first familiarize yourself with the annual fuel utilization efficiency rating, or the AFUE.  The Federal Trade Commission requires that this rating be displayed on all new boilers so that customers can easily compare efficiency before making a purchase.  It is the measure of how effectively a boiler uses the energy it takes to run it.

To be more specific, the AFUE is determined by comparing the ratio of the boiler’s heat output with the energy it will use.  If a boiler’s AFUE is measured at 85 percent it means that 85 percent of the energy it uses will become heat for your home or establishment.  However, the other 15 percent will escape through a chimney or flue.  When the AFUE is measured, there are some factors that are not taken into consideration.  Heat can escape through other places, like ducts, piping, and gaps.  It is important to know that this will not be taken into consideration when measuring the AFUE.  Up to 35 percent of the total heat can end up escaping from places like these. Continue reading →

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