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7 Ways to Lower Heating Costs When You Don’t Have Money to Burn

Before the falling temperatures of fall give way to the winds of winter you’ll want to follow these 7 cost saving tips provided by Cardom Plumbing and Heating to stay warm without burning a hole in your heating budget. It’s inevitable, your energy bill will increase during the winter months, but regardless of which energy source you use to heat your home, you can save money with these winterizing tips.

1. Just cool it – Is the setting on your water heater too high? If it’s above 75 degrees, turn down the temperature setting. You can typically save 10 dollars for every five degree drop you make.

2. Stash and save – Buy furnace filters in bulk and make sure you have a stash of the correct size of pleated filters on hand to change them during the winter. Put in a fresh filter now to start the season off right.

3. Moisture matters – Dry air produced by furnaces and fireplaces can cause unexpected cracks in window seals and doors which lets cold air in and increases your heating costs. Using a humidifier will produce necessary moisture in the air which naturally raises the temperature without turning up the thermostat. Clean the filter after three months so it runs efficiently.

4. Be a wind blocker – Inspect the siding around your house to see if any wood has dried out and left cracks where cold wind can blow through. Seal all cracks with the proper caulk to block the wind from letting the outdoors in.

5. Check windows and doors – Don’t forget to apply the same caulk treatment to interior windows, door seals and any part of the house that has access to the outside. When you caulk around windows and doors you not only prevent noticeable cold air infiltration but you will see a drop in your monthly fuel bill too.

6. Toss if tattered – You might not even notice your plastic door sweeps, but if they are not in good shape they can’t keep your house warm. Toss them in the trash if they are tattered and buy a new set for less than 20 dollars to combat the cold and keep it outside where it belongs.

7. Get professional insight – Have Cardom Plumbing and Heating perform a combustion analysis on your furnace to maximize its efficiency. They should reset the gas pressure and optimize the fuel-to-air ratio to ensure it’s working at peak levels. This valuable service can pay for itself in just three months of normal furnace usage in the colder months of the year.

10 Ways To Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Energy Bill

We all want to save money.  With summer just around the corner, we also want to stay cool.  Here are a few things you should do this summer to stay cool and still save money on your air conditioning energy bill.

1.    Change the filters – One of the simplest things you can do is change the air filters every two or three months.

2.    Raise the temperature – Keep the thermostat set to the highest temperature possible for your comfort.  They say each degree difference means a 3% increase/decrease in your bill.

3.    Don’t make drastic temperature changes – If you are warm, change the temperature slowly.  Setting the thermostat ten degrees lower only stresses the system out and costs more money. Continue reading →

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