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Water Contamination

Plumbers most important creed

The motto for all plumbers is that we protect the health of the nation.  By following the proper rules and regulations when we install water, waste and vent piping, we are truly protecting the health of everyone.  Without them our sanitary and water systems could be like that of a third world country. 
I want to address a specific part of the “water” side of this issue.  In the last dozen years there has been a lot of emphasis on back flow preventers in our homes and businesses.  The reason we install them is not to protect our co-workers or family members but to protect the community water mains from getting contaminated by any pollutants that may backflow from your home or business into the main.  (I’ll bet you did not realize that.) 
When we install these devices there are very specific rules and regulations that may vary from city to city or within jurisdictions.  We are obliged to follow them or the installation  will not pass the inspection.  One of the most important issues is containment isolation.  Specific valves or quality and style of valves are required to isolate the backflow preventer (referred to as RPBP, Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer).  These devices require an annual inspection, and they are not operating correctly or have not be installed properly, the device will not pass the inspection. 
In your home, condo, town home or place of business, it is important that you check to see that you have these isolation valves and more importantly if they work and actually shut off the water 100%.  The older style gate valves are typically not as reliable and should be replaced ASAP because they could snap off internally and then you have a real emergency and cannot control the water. 
The more reliable valves in today’s market are “ball valves”.  They are exactly what you can imagine a hollowed out chrome plated brass bass that is rotated internally inside a valve body.  When the handle which turns the ball is open even partially, they can regulate the flow into the system or shut it down.  It is very precise and the quality is what you pay for.  If you want a better valve then on the side of the valve look for the three numbers ahead of the three letters “WOG”. The three numbers tell you that the valve has been tested and approved up to this amount of Pressure for Water, Oil or Gas.  The higher the number the better the quality, generally.
So, in your home or office, make sure that you have the backflow protection in place and make sure that it works, so that if you do have an emergency you know where to go to turn off the water and contain the damage from the leak.
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