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It’s time to get your heating system tuned up!

It is starting to feel like fall and before long, we get the first dusting of snow. For most of us, it is a wakeup call to hurry and get your heating system checked and ready for the winter months ahead.

Getting ready for winter from a plumbing and heating viewpoint is quite simple. By acting now, you can save yourself a lot of money by simply checking some of the common items in your plumbing and heating systems. Listed below are a few tips which will make winter life less stressful and more economical.
1. Time to disconnect all exterior hoses. Do it NOW! Do not procrastinate because you could forget to take them off on the first cold night and the freezless outside faucet will freeze and burst. You may not notice until next spring but believe me, it happens often. If you need to use the hose, just remember to take it off of the spigot each time that you use it.
2. Check for air leaks around the house at the doors, at the joint between the concrete foundation and the wood sill plate. If you find any, then caulk them, foam them or install some insulating felt. This one simply but important step will block the cold winter winds from entering you warm home. This little bit of work will save many dollars on your gas bill.
3. Check the furnace. If you feel comfortable doing it, you may want to replace the air filter on your furnace. Remember; buy only pleated filters to replace the old one that you are throwing away. Do not try to clean and reuse the filter because that does not work and is very unhealthy. When you buy the filter, purchase at least four of them at a time so you have a years’ supply sitting next to the furnace. Changing the filter now and then again halfway through the winter will increase the air quality and the air flow as well so your furnace operates more efficiently.
4. If you have a humidifier, it would be best to change the filter and clean out the mineral deposits left on the filter casing before the weather get cooler. Remember, this filter will probably need to be changed once more this winter, so keep extra filters handy. Set the humidity level to the desired amount and just leave it alone. Some humidifiers compensate for the outside air temperature when they run up the humidity percentage, in order to prevent the windows in your home from getting moisture on them.
5. Check your water heater. Is there any water on the floor around the heater? If so, then you may want to see where it is coming from before you do anything. If you are a little worried about investigating a leak, then call a professional/licensed plumber. There could be many different issues. Is there enough hot water when you shower or bath? If not, then there could be some issues that should be addressed now, rather than in the fall or winter. Did you know that more heaters are changed in the fall than any other time of the year? The temperature of the water in the mains starts to cool down and the heater has to work harder to produce the amount of hot water that is needed. That is the reason why heaters fail more this time of the year. If you heater is making funny noises when the flame is on, then you may be getting mineral deposits inside. If the tank has not been flushed and the anode rod replaced, then it may be time to do that. If a tank has not been flushed in years, then it may or may not be the right thing to do by flushing it. A tank over 9 years old may not be worth the money to repair. New hot water heaters are more efficient and much safer than the older models. You will be surprised. Again, if you have concerns, it is best to call a professional.

These are just a few of the many things you can do in your home to prepare your plumbing and heating systems for the upcoming fall and winter. It is best to act now, before the cold weather arrives and your heating system is not up to par.

If you have any questions or need more advice, please feel free to contact us. I am never too busy for your call.

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